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AOU حل جميع الواجبات ومشاريع التخرج لجميع الفروع والتخصصات AOU

AOU حلول مضمونة وغير مكررة لجميع الواجبات ومشاريع التخرج AOU
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مُساهمةموضوع: -TMA-A230A   الخميس أكتوبر 27, 2016 10:21 pm

Voltaire is a revolutionary writer not only in ridiculing the salient philosophies of his era, namely optimism but also in voicing women’s opinions and forcing them out of their comfort zone. The women in Candide fall from grace in a wakeup call that not all is well and life is not a fairy tale. Discuss how the lives of Cunegonde and Mrs. Pacquette are a female testimony to the failure of optimism. Does Voltaire empower them and are they delivered in the end?

Important guidelines:
1. Use of E-library is a credit to your essay. Make sure the sources are academic.
2. Divide your articles into five paragraphs and discuss each question in a separate paragraph with examples and quotations from the novel.
3. The word count should rage from 1500-2000 words.
4. Revise the final document before submitting your TMA to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.
5. Use the MLA style of documentation.

Helpful sources:
1. Voltaire (2005 [1759]) Candide, or Optimism (trans. And ed. T. Cuffe, with an introduction by M. Wood), Harmondsworth, Penguin.
2. Cooper, A. A., Third Earl of Shaftesbury (2001 [1711]) Characteristics of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times (ed. D.D. UYL), 3 vol, New York, Liberty Fund.

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