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 A230B: Reading and Studying Literature2

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A230B: Reading and Studying Literature2

According to Delia Correa in your textbook Romantics and Victorians chapters five and six, Wuthering Heights is seen as a hybrid not abiding to the formal characteristics of a single genre but containing romantic, gothic, tragic as well as realist features.
In an essay of 1500 words, define hybridity and discuss how it applies to the novel. How does the novel cover the different genres in terms of plot, themes and characterization? How does this richness of genres affect your reception and understanding as a reader and what impressions do you have after reading and studying this novel?

*Don’t include the TMA question or marking grid in your essay to avoid similarity in the Turnitin program.
* Don’t refer to unscholarly electronic or written sources such as Wikipedia and Cliff notes.

Useful references:
1. Bronte, E (2009 (1847) Wuthering Heights (ed I. Jack; introduction and additional notes H. Small), Oxford World’s Classics, Oxford, Oxford University Press.
2. Watson, Nicola and Towheed Shafquat (ed.) (2012) Romantic and Victorians: “Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights: at Home and Abroad” London, Bloomsbury, pp. 351-410.
3. Bakhtin, M “Towards a methodology for the study of the novel,” (will get reference)
4. Hillis Miller, J (1982) ‘Wuthering Heights: repetition and the uncanny’ in Fiction and Representation: Seven English Novels, Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, pp. 42-73.
5. Alexander, C. (ed.) (2003) The Oxford Companion to the Brontes, Oxford, Oxford University Press.

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A230B: Reading and Studying Literature2
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