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AOU حلول مضمونة وغير مكررة لجميع الواجبات ومشاريع التخرج AOU
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 B120 In-Class Task/ Presentation

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B120 In-Class Task/ Presentation
Fall 2016-2017

Aims of the Topic Presentation:

Topic presentation is part of the assessment of the course, the main aim is to add new skills to the student, also to communicate (e.g. to motivate, to inform, to persuade or to teach) is to help you express your ideas and get others to understand it.

Choose only one topic to present
Topics for presentations:
1. Business structure
2. Entrepreneurship
3. Selection in HRM

Type of the task: Individual presentation

Duration of the presentation: Not more than 10 minutes.

When to start: week six.

Criteria and marks distribution are as the followings:

Criteria weight Explanation
Content/Structure 3 Introduction defined objective and gained the audience attention
 Introduction, body and summary were clear
 Allocation of time spent on introduction, body and summary
 Points presented in a logical sequence
 Summarized the key points
Organization 2  Neat and well organized
 Smooth coordination of work
 Effective use of visual aids (if any)
Presentation 3  Level of confidence, interest and enthusiasm
 Voice projection, clarity and inflection  Correct grammar
 Use of eye contact
 Appearance
Reference 2
Total 10

Structure of the Power Point Presentation:

The presentation must be properly structured with an introduction, body and summary. The points should be presented in a logical sequence, following the procedure step by step.
 The introduction should catch the audience's attention. Presenter(s) should clearly state the topic and objective of the presentation. Each speaker is required to greet his or her listeners in some form, but there is no required form or length of salutation.
 The body is where the message is delivered and should take about 4/5 of the total time. Visual aids and speech should be coordinated.
 The summary should review all of the contents of the presentation in a tidy, concise manner. The main points should be stressed. No new information should be introduced in the summary. The speaker should conclude his/her presentation by asking, “Are there any questions?”
 Presenters are taught not to say thank you at the end of a presentation, as they are to think of it as a gift to the audience. However, points will not be docked for those who do conclude by saying thank you.

PowerPoint: Guides, Tips and Help
PowerPoint application is a powerful tool for creating multimedia presentations. With clip art, fancy fonts, animations, charts, graphics, sound, and an array of dazzling color schemes, it is all too easy to make the equivalent of a Hollywood flop and lose your message in the medium.

Here are some basic thoughts that might help you create effective presentations.
• Use only one message per slide. If you have more than one message, add a slide.
• Limit the amount of text on each slide - no one wants to read a JAMA article during your presentation.
• Use only elements that add to the content of the message. Use graphics that clearly support your message. Good graphics can significantly add to learning, bad graphics can confuse and distract your audience.
• Maintain a consistent design with regard to colors, font styles, and graphics.
• You might use a formal typeface like Palatino and a symmetrical layout for a serious issue or you could use a casual font like Comic Sans and an asymmetrical layout for a lighter topic.
• Have a beginning, a middle and an end. Tell your audience what you are going to tell them, tell it, and then summarize it.
• Try this - Write your last slide first - if you don't know where you are going, it is unlikely you will be able to get there. Plan your conclusion first; know what you want to convey. Make the rest of your slides lead to and support the final result.

Guidelines for Creating Presentations
• Who is the audience
• What do they know about the material
• What do you want them to learn
• Where will the presentation take place & under what conditions
Slide Design
• Each slide should address a single concept
• Slides should follow a logical progression, each building on the other
• Use no more than six lines of text on any one slide
• Use upper and lower case text, NOT all caps
• Choose a color appropriate to the mood you want to convey
• Avoid using too many colors (maximum of 5)
• Use photographs to help the audience relate slide information to real world situations (keep in mind that if you use an outside source it is under copyright and permission to use it must be granted)
• Dark Blue to project a stable, mature message - has a calming effect
• Red or Orange to trigger excitement or an emotional response
• Green to make audience comfortable
• Yellow to get audience attention quickly (more so than any other color)
• Gray to promote the idea of "quality"
• White to project honesty/sincerity
• Black is not appealing to most viewers
To keep an audience focused, use dark colors for background and lighter colors for text and illustrations. The eye is naturally drawn to lighter areas and lighter and warmer colored objects appear closer than dark objects.
Template Galleries
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Presentation Pro

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B120 In-Class Task/ Presentation
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